Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Personal: On 'The 10th. Birthday'

~ Solehah : Dah 10 Tahun ~
Today, 23rd March 2011 is Solehah's birthday. She is now ten years old ~ time seemed to pass so fast. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLEHAH!!!
Although being demanded by Solehah & suggested by his second brother (either influenced by friends or as shown in TV dramas on how a birthday is being celebrated), no special celebration is organized or being planned in this short-period. This is due to the time & the condition do not permit us to do so.
For that reason, Solehah came home (from school) with 'a long-faced' today. After being explained, she accepted the reasons - just good enough to make her face 'inches shorter'. Anyway, she received a birthday card & wishes from mum, dad, granny, brothers & a few close family members. Also a number of wishes through her facebook. According to her mum, she also received a few birthday presents from her classmates at school. Earlier in the morning (before going to school), her granny gave her a birthday angpau.
To the dad & mum (on this birthday), we thanked Allah The Mighty for giving Solehah to be part of this wonderful family. Not forgetting for the good health given. Although not the best, academically she is not so bad. We hope in years to come, Solehah will be better both in health & academic performance.
We (mum & dad) would like to take this opportunity to thanks those (family members, doctors, nurses, friends & individuals) who have shown that they really care.

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