Monday, 18 April 2011

Personal: On 'Things In Life'

~ Hajjah Puteh : Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, April 2011 ~
Solehah is very close to her grandmother (Hajjah Puteh Hamid-HPH, the wife of Cikgu Mat Pedu - CMP). Since birth, HPH has been (I believe will always be) the strong 'protector' of Solehah. Since HPH is staying with Solehah's family, she had some influence on the family. For example, the name Solehah was given by her; she just told that she want that name. So as to the other two Solehah's brothers (Faiz & Afandi). The mum and dad had to adjust it to the name they had in mind.
She is now 84 years old (she said her real age is 76). All long, she is very healthy. Recently, for the first time she was warded - fever, lost appetite & weak. Alhamdulillah after three days at hospital she was discharged & recovering positively. Doctors couldn't precisely detect what the problem was.
To Solehah's dad, HPH is not only a strong supporter of CMP & the family but she is also a personal mentor about life. The following, are what she taught him (indirectly):
Things in life that;
Once gone, never come back: TIME, WORDS & OPPORTUNITY
One lost, hard to build-up: RESPECT, TRUST & FRIENDSHIP
May never be lost: PEACE, HOPE & HONESTY
Are most valuable: HEALTH, KNOWLEDGE, LOVE
Are never certain: DREAMS, SUCCESS, FORTUNE
Can destroy a man: PRIDE, ANGER & ALCOHOL
1. Terima kasih HPH ~ semoga sentiasa sihat & panjang umur.
2. Terima kasih kepada doktor-doktor kerajaan yang telah bersungguh-sungguh memberi rawatan terbaik.
3. Terima kasih kepada kaum keluarga yang membantu menjaga semasa HPH sakit.
4. Terima kasih kepada semua - keluarga, jiran & kenalan yang hingga kini masih datang menziarahi.

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